Take a trip to the Sky.

You can sightsee from the ground, or you can tour from the sky. Sky Harbor was designed for guests wanting a different flying experience. Enjoy stunning views from thousands of feet up, a new take on park point and various dining options.

Food + Beverage

Fuel up before your flight with locally sourced fare, including Love Creamery.


Duluth Aviation Institute

The Duluth Aviation Institute began with a vision to give our community a treasure, a storybook of achievement, a theater of knowledge, and a view of infinity. For more information on our preservation and education programs, please visit our website or stop by to see our 1913 flying boat, The Lark of Duluth.



Hangar 10 Aero Supply

Located at the end of Sky Harbor is Hangar 10 Aero. We’re here to help with your aircraft restoration and building projects with a full line of Poly-Fiber products. Taxi to our hangar and we’ll show you the projects we are working on now.

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Walt Dorlac photo pilot in LancePA-32R-300 clear skies, some light ground fog (mist)

Hatz Bantam Light Sport and Biplane

Flying a Hatz Bantam is like flying a motorcycle in the sky. Order plans and parts for the experimental Hatz Bantam Light Sport and Biplane from Hangar 10 Aero. Customize your vintage-inspired biplane with state-of-the-art parts along with support from award winning builder, Mark Marino.