Airport Master Plan


In the Summer of 2020, the Duluth Airport Authority (DAA) completed the multi-year Sky Harbor (DYT) runway relocation project. In August of 2020, the DAA began a Master Plan process that will focus on the building area and seaplane base facilities to ensure these facilities will meet the existing and future needs of Sky Harbor Airport and compliment the newly relocated runway. The master plan, expected to be completed at the end of 2021.

Key objectives for the planning study include:

  • Increase the visibility/value to the hometown community and the flying community.
  • Capitalize on Sky Harbor’s uniqueness while doubling down on its strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
  • Maximize revenue potential
  • Ensure the financial feasibility of the final master plan
  • Maintain the critical balance between the sensitive natural environment around the airport and aviation

Upcoming Project Meetings

Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting – July 15, 2021, at 5 p.m. This meeting will be held at the Sky Harbor Airport

Community Involvement

A Public Involvement Plan (PIP) was developed to document how the Duluth Airport Authority (DAA) will educate and inform the airport users, businesses, tenants and other stakeholders about the project. The PIP also addresses how the project team will seek and document public feedback about the project.

Master Plan Public Involvement Plan (PIP) – DRAFT

Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)

A Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) has been developed with a diverse group of stakeholders, including airport users, the local business community and regional aviation partners to serve in an advisory role throughout the Master Plan process. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee includes these members.

SAC Meeting #1 – October 1, 2020:

SAC Meeting #2 – January 21, 2021

SAC Meeting #3 – April 12, 2021

SAC Meeting #4 – July 21, 2021

Project Documents

Sky Harbor Airport Master Plan Introduction [PDF]

Sky Harbor Airport Master Plan FAQs [PDF]


If you have questions about the Master Plan project, please contact Tristan Durfee, Sky Harbor Airport Manager at