Prepare for your arrival.

Sky Harbor is truly the people’s airport. We offer all the amenities you could need to guarantee a smooth flight, landing and stay. From on-site mechanic support to 24/7 fuel service, you’ll never want to leave Sky Harbor. With the option of under-wing camping, you might not have to.


Internet and printing available on the MnDOT weather computer located in the Pilot Lounge.


Our resident mechanic specializes in repairs and maintenance of all sizes and stress levels. Jonathan has seen it all, and is likely already working up a plan while you’re explaining the issue.

Jonathan Aero
(218) 269-2433

Amphibious Aircrafts

Sky Harbor has a land runway and two sea runways to accommodate your wheeled, float and amphibious aircraft.

Under-wing Camping

For those looking for more rustic accommodations, we are one of the few airports that allows deck-side camping. Don’t forget your sleeping bag — you’ll need it for that early morning lake breeze. You’ll find a nice grassy area along the bay shore with picnic tables provided.

Please don’t take your aircraft off pavement due to soft sand and remember not to walk out into runway areas during your stay. Also, keep in mind that areas outside of airport fencing are city park and beach areas, which are closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. You will still be able to travel to and from the airport as needed during those hours.

This amenity is available to fly-in guests only. Drive-in camping is not allowed.

24/7 Fuel + Pilot Services

Our pilot’s lounge also provides 24-hour access.

Top off your tanks with Avgas 100 low-lead fuel. Self-service fueling is available around the clock with credit card payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Fuel price: $6.39 per gallon

Winter Plug-in

During the winter months you may plug your aircraft in during the day. The plug-in is located on the southeast corner of hangar 1 near the courtesy car parking. You may plug in here for a day visit. Just pull up by the hangar and chock your aircraft. If you are staying over night, pull your aircraft up by the hangar in the morning for a later departure. There are no secure tie downs near this location. Because it is a safety hazard, please do not stretch electrical cords across the apron to the tie downs. If you are leaving first thing in the morning you may park, chock, and plug-in by hangar 1 overnight with the Airport Manager’s prior permission.

  • Bring your own chocks
  • Bring your own electrical cords
  • Space is limited – Typically one or two aircraft at a time
  • Typically the only thing that moves in and out of hangar 1 during the winter is the plow but still do not lock your brakes. Thank you.

Tie Downs

We can secure your plane while you enjoy everything our port has to offer.

  • $10 per night (1 to 6 nights)
  • $30 per week (1 to 3 weeks)
  • $90 per Month
  • $450 for a six month season (must be prepaid)
  • The Sky Harbor Airport accepts online payments for tie downs

Pay Online

Drone Use & Safety

Drone operators, please follow the links below for both FAA and MNDOT information to ensure a safe and legal flight.

Planning on flying a drone near Sky Harbor?

Please complete a drone flight notification form.

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METAR Weather


Inbound Customs

For those looking to enter the U.S. via a less-hectic port, U.S. Customs are available with
advanced notice. Last year, we welcomed over 500 guests who entered the U.S. via Sky Harbor.

U.S. Customs

Phone (218) 720-5203
Fax: (218) 720-5216

Private Fliers Guide

Courtesy Car

A courtesy car is now available for our fly-in visitors that have a valid drivers license and are at least 21 years of age. First-come first-serve basis. Available for up to 2 hours and up to 20 miles from Sky Harbor. The instructions, key lock box, and forms are located in the Sky Harbor Pilot lounge near the airside door. Parking information for Canal Park and Duluth Visitor Guides are also available.

Hangar Space

Rates, Charges & Aircraft Parking Rules

DYT Rates, Charges and Rules