The skies are open. So are these businesses.

There’s more to Sky Harbor than a nice place to land. At this scenic airport, you’ll find area tours, educational outposts, mechanic support and dining options. Not to mention an incredible view of the Duluth hillside and Lake Superior.

Food + Beverage

Planes need fuel. So do people. Sky Harbor offers various dining options throughout the season.


Duluth Aviation Institute

Engage the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.



Hangar 10 Aero Supply

Located at the end of Sky Harbor is Hangar 10 Aero Supply. We’re here to help service your aircraft and building projects with a full line of Poly-Fiber products. Taxi to our hangar and we’ll show you the projects we are working on now.


Walt Dorlac photo pilot in LancePA-32R-300 clear skies, some light ground fog (mist)

Hatz Bantam Light Sport and Biplane

The Bantam is the lightest and simplest Hatz ever built. Housed at Hangar 10, you can buy and order everything from welded parts to a full CAD plan at Hatz Bantam Light Sport and Biplane. You’re free to customize your vintage-inspired Bantam with state-of-the-art tools.

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For maintenance and repairs, contact our aptly named and duly skilled Sky Harbor mechanic, Jonathan Aero.