One of the most beautiful landings you’ll ever make.

Located along the world’s largest sand bar, Sky Harbor offers incredible views of the city as you approach from the sky. With a hard-surface runway and water landings in the world’s farthest-inland seaport, touching down at Sky Harbor is both simple and scenic.

Sky Harbor is 24-hour facility and a U.S. point of entry with Customs Service on call. Enjoy pilot-controlled runway lights and self-service credit card fueling. Plus, spectacular natural scenery as approach your destination.

Experience the city.

Feel at home as soon as you arrive. With all there is to do and see around Duluth, you might find yourself making repeat visits. Find the events that fit your interests, and the lodging that best suits your style from our list of recommendations.

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Travel around town.

The great thing about Duluth? Everything is nearby, which makes getting around a total breeze.

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