Small footprint. Big opportunity.

Founded in 1939, Sky Harbor has added capabilities while still maintaining harmony with its natural surroundings. Located on the end of the world’s longest freshwater sand spit, Sky Harbor is seamlessly integrated into an environment of beaches, trails, and old-growth pine forests.

Unlike many other airports, our amphibious air base is fully funded through user fees, without any taxpayer support. More than just an airport, Sky Harbor is a community hub, providing a base for business, education, and tourism travel and exploration for all.

Contained within a compact footprint, you’ll find a robust air base with the capabilities to accommodate your flight plans.


  • Amphibious Runways. One (.X) mile concrete and two sea runways can accommodate your wheeled, float and amphibious aircraft.
  • 24/7 Fuel + Pilot Services. Top off your tanks with Avgas 100 low-lead fuel, with self-service available around the clock with your credit card. Our pilot’s lounge also provides 24-hour access.
  • Underwing Camping. For those looking for more rustic accommodations, we are one of the few airports that allows deck-side camping.
  • U.S. Customs (inbound). For those looking to enter the U.S. via a less-hectic port, U.S. Customs are available with advanced notice. Last year, we welcomed over 500 guests who entered the U.S. via Sky Harbor.
  • Tiedown Service. We can secure your plane while you enjoy everything our port has to offer.

Located just 5 miles from Duluth’s thriving downtown district, Sky Harbor provides the fastest entry point for air travelers to everything our city has to offer.